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Posted by lucasphilip - October 27th, 2010


Yep, I wanna do some voice actings.

Soon Ill drop my college to work full-time, so, Ill have a lot of time in front of me, and soon Ill buy a better mic than I have today.

inbox, comment, whatever, I dont really care.

Posted by lucasphilip - April 30th, 2010

Time has passed, I came across a bunch of stuff, and thing is:

Music is my thing. lol

So, right, I know I havnt been in here for a mo`foin time, but who cares right? If I still can help with this community-thing I`ll be welcomed...or so I hope.

So, yeah.

Occupation: Does boredom counts?

Job: Wendy`s..if that is considered one.

Age: ?

Sex: Yes please.

Orientation: Whatever the GPS says.

I havn`t working on new songs. Punk-rock related, I got a band instead. I need some good music-cration-program. Anyone got one?

Pico day 2010! Awsome. I decided to come back on the right time thanks god!

That`s it..for now. Ciao!

Posted by lucasphilip - February 24th, 2009

All right, this is it!

I took a decision!

I`m going to do this Voice Actor Carrier a place in my list To Do....

If you guys need a voice actor, PM me and I`m going to send you an auction....

Here`s a little blurb about me:

Age: 16.

Location: Quebec.

Languages: English, Portuguese, French and Spanish.

Experience in Voice Acting: Near None, but I did some actings in other places, but not on Newgounds.

That`s it, hope you guys can help me out!


Posted by lucasphilip - January 3rd, 2009

Hello ever1!

Happy new year!

Just passing by and leaving a post, just to say that the drawning that I was doing its done its make a long time but someday I`ll put here...

And I Got a new haircut, a real Mohawk!!!

And received for Christmas a web cam so, like I`m still playing with it

well thats all, next week, i`ll post another post =P

Ops, I forgot, I said that I was working on another song, so, it lasts some more work to do but in no time it will be ready!!!

TNKS for the attention and ``Have a nice day!``

Posted by lucasphilip - December 15th, 2008

Hello there,

This week its about for the newest news =P

1 = My Wii is incredible, tnks, and also, I am going to put some internet on it today....

2 = I started to work on my voice trials, so, it shall be done in 2 or 3 weeks, to put everything, I mean, sounds and everything...

3 = New song in the portal!!! Check my page to see it....

4 = Working on music number 5, so, stay alert!!!!

5 = And for the last news, I started a dawning of newgrounds, but couldn't finish it because I was sick all weekend, so, thats why I didint finished it...

Its all my fellows newgrounder`s

Posted by lucasphilip - December 6th, 2008

Well, this is my first post on the blog of Newgrounds, and I think that I`m going to take the job to do tunes for Newgrounds....

The other news Is that I got my Wii!! YAY!!!

For celebrating, I`m going to send a version 2 (extended) of the music The locker....

See ya folks!